Your supplier is a pain in your butt!

20 min is all it takes to get your supply in a happy place
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Working with a supply base is tough. There are so many facets that bring complexity into the mix. And when these all come together it's like DEFCON 3 - disaster. How about me telling you that we can get your focus back into design, creating and making over supplier drama?

Invest 20 min in our 'Finding the right supplier' Quickie and you will optimize your supply, win time to do other things that matter, and feel motivated again to keep going! 
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“Arinda, dein «magical ass kicking process» hat in meinem Leben vieles zum positiven verändert.
… «you walk the talk», das macht den Unterschied und macht dich zu einem Vorbild, zu einer Frau, die motiviert, begeistert und absolut bewundernswert ist!”

Katrin Legandt

Founder (CH)

Access to the 94% they didn't teach you!

koai lab - from a 1:1 deepdive into your business, diving in digitally yourself or see me transform a group of people.
starting at CHF 175/hr
You just started or are running a creative business (fashion, accessories, creative services, etc) and are hitting a wall. 
  • We deepdive into your business
  • We locate your (real) pain points 
  • We offer tools / templates for process
  • We connect you with industry experts
  • We motivate and innovate
  • We strategize with you within your means
  • We create growth for you and your business
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1. 15 minute connect call (free) 
Am I for you and are you for me? 
2. We start > by online meeting or in person (Zurich or Amsterdam) 
Up to you how many 'sessions' but mostly we talk 3 to 4 to make a real impact. 
for only CHF 32/month  
Digital 24/7 access to all Koai Lab has to offer. Industry Know-How in bitesize form, as your time is limited. 
  • Access to all, no hidden fees
  • Bitesize learning videos & exercises
  • Templates & Examples
  • Your own digital notebook
  • Access to the online Koai Lab community (connect with peers)
  • Industry Insights & Glossaries
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1. You start your 5 day trial 
(full access to all)
2. You decide if you want to pay by month or by year (can decide this in your account during your trial - by yourself)
3. Grow yourself and help to grow others
project depending
I love to inspire people during speaker events & workshops about consumerism, creative thinking and my Koai Lab let go, build & grow method. 
  • Inspire & motivate about the impact of visualization on creative business management
  • Facilitate creative problem solving and visualizing simple strategic maneuvers to move the needle
  • Facilitate customer understanding and why product is highly impacted by needs (offline and digital)
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1. You request availability and explain me about your event/workshop/needs.
2. We have a call to discuss details
3. I present an offer with deliverables
4. We have an amazing event where new insights are created and people are inspired to move the needle!

Quick learnings. 

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