The biggest industry fears!

Over the last years the industry has been changing drastically. From a receiving consumer, who trusted the brands to deliver and didn't really think for themselves. To a very self-educated consumer and marketspace where brands had to deliver towards consumers needs. Along the way we have created some rather strange habits, fears and mechanisms that we take for granted now. As in "yeah, it's what it is" - but is it really necessary to restrain our growth or renewed vision based on what was once done? 


How this ever became anyone's problem is beyond me, but working in fashion over 15 years - this is where a massive problem lays. Not necessarily the problem to be out of stock, but the problem of over and under production. 
Let's start with the obvious - being sold out is a luxury to have! Meaning your product found traction and you don't have overstock to get rid of in sale or burn / end as landfill.  This is a very healthy situation, and you can learn so much here to take action on next season or drop - maybe increase your quantity slightly or ensure you have a similar product doing the same kind of job. Next - and this especially addresses the slightly larger brands with higher quantities (but also applies when you small). You have so much know-how in house, please use it to plan your production well! Look at your previous collections, look at the current stock situation and what was planned. Are there slow runners, swift runners, are they discounted or not? What happened why something worked well (campaign or not), what happened when something didn't work (sold out too soon, so not enough stock to begin with). So much data you collected over the years - make it count to be better next seasons planning. 

FEAR OF NOT being diversified enough

Many brands feel they should do more, create more, deliver more, make more people happy - as single measures to growth. And this is where they start with before actually knowing what is really needed. Meaning you create a monster of products and goods that cater everyone and nobody at the same time. No one feels really addressed. First - you don't create goods for everybody. Even if we talk condoms - they are not for everybody! Kids don't need them and maybe over a certain age you don't need them either no more. When you want to become pregnant, you don't need them  - when you are protecting in other forms you might not need them. See my point, you're addressing a niche, and this niche is having specific needs. In the sense of fashion - if you create pj's - you don't create them for everybody. Maybe they are high quality cotton with allover print, in a fit that you state you could even wear outside with some high heels. You're addressing a very specific customer group with this - trust me, my mom would NEVER wear her jammies outside the house! Make this customer group happier than happy and then decide what your next move is to diversify. Maybe address an older lady who wants an allover print, but rather in a satin and a little less cleavage... bring it on - but don't try to do all at once. 


Fuck we all need a break now and then! The new world of online presence and representation states one - be present, always - make sure you're in their face at all times! Otherwise you'll loose. A few things here...
1. There are tools you can automate your presence, use them to your likings and be smart! (auto posters etc.)
2. Your business will not fall apart if you are not 'present' for a day or two. 
We all need a break now and then, this is healthy - and totally ok. The world is changing, let's not putt so much pressure on ourselves and each other. Be communicative though. If you decide to skip the world of brand for a bit, make sure you communicate in your socials, and your out of office is on point. Don't let people end up at a close door because you failed to let them know you're not around. The new generation would now be shocked and state BUT THE ALGORYTM... yes I know - we all work hard to create leads, followings and be ranked profitably. Hence me stating #1 - use tools to 'fake' your presence, you don't have to be there in person to keep the machine going - be smart. But give yourself a breather now and then, the world doesn't collapse, we will all do well - we are not saving lives.

xo Arinda

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