When you do what you've always done...

It started with a message to my dear previous manager(s) on Linkedin - not all of them, but many. And thought it was a good insight for you when building your teams.

"You let me fail, you limited my growth, you let me believe you had my interests at heart. But unfortunately I learned (very late) that the current workforce set-up is driven by a very top down approach - you had you at heart. As long you keep growing (and god forbit this can only go up) you hold back everyone else from growth - it's that simple."

This is how all of us are mostly educated - you grow through promotion. The only effort you place in yourself when working, is to make the next move. But what if we turn this baby around - upside down - and look at all from a total different angle?
How it can also be and magically people grow faster and sexier.

1. Growth goes horizontal and diagonal as well - a new skill, a new project, a new learning curve - this all contributes greatly to your growth. More so than that promotion where you most probably will deliver the same you did before but being paid a little more.
2. Growth isn't only measurable by team size. Listen - some people you just really not make happy by leading a pack or people! Let them grow in their own way (of course with increased salary) by leading a new innovation or project that will bring the business in a total new space!

3. Linking pay to promotion is unhealthy and limits financial growth for many of us (think of the non-people leaders). Pay should be linked to skills and deliverables. If you deliver you should be paid accordingly, it's that simple.

4. Having one of your team members grow to be your boss - fuck yes! How awesome is that! Due to your excellent management and people skills, someone has been able to grow! Stop fearing the growth of other people - make them shine!

5. Linked to #4 - again, pay should not be linked solely to rank. It can be in a very healthy environment that a C-level person is not per default earning the highest salary. If you have a coder, designer, sales rep or product manager really hitting home, delivering the company incremental financial growth consistently - make sure they will be rewarded for that.

I can go on for hours on this topic - really! Please reflect on your business, on your people, on the roles you lay out and the pay in relation. Stop working like we did in 1920.
“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten.” 
Jessie Potter

Stop what you always did, and start doing.

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