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I'm tired, very tired - I've been working hard but nothing really came out. No product, no revenue, no nothing... and I'm sooooo tired! 

This is the feeling I myself know very well, but I also hear from you during 1:1 coachings. How do others do it? How come they are doing so well (based on Instagram ;)), and I suck! I couldn't do it as this, this and this was a priority... And all the time, I'm so tired!

What I've realized over the years with you and myself as a master in this, we creatives love to ideate! We create full products, businesses, innovative materials, complete projects - IN OUR MIND. We fail at taking action on them, we fail in sharing this to improve. We have the sickening feeling that we have to finish the full thing in our head first, and when it's done we will share in full glory. As we've worked hours, days, weeks to make it perfect. 

"You work so hard on doing nothing... "

Until I realized a few things that were really eye opening, pretty simple to implement and also easy to share with you to improve. The moment you keep it in your mind you actually do nothing - 
1. You don't force yourself to making the tough decision to let this idea go, you just keep it hanging about as maybe another day you will see the light.
2. You don't give it life as you keep working on it, but there is no real output - it's all 'ideas'
3. You don't allow your brain to really think about it, as you keep the idea very top line. And you have so many of these ideas in your brain floating around, no space to deep dive further.
4. You don't go places as all you're busy with is the fear of loosing this brilliant idea to yourself or someone else... 

"How can your brain think if the only thing you do is chasing balloons? "

All above is actually driven by fear. The fear of loosing, the fear of it failing, the fear of it maybe being the biggest thing ever, fear of... Pretty mad no! So the question here was / is, how do you action on all these ideas, without your full system going into resistance? 

Very simple - we write it down. 

That's it? Yes, that's it! Again, pretty mad no! 

The magic you will experience of getting the pen to paper is not to underestimate, as it's accompanied with a massive aftermath of good stuff. Important to know here is that we are not talking about writing full business plans or anything like that. We talk words, maybe brainstorming blobs, or some product sketches... It's that simple - don't try to be the perfectionist at this moment. 

Let me show you a little bit about the aftermath of 'simply' doing this: 
1. The moment you get the pen to paper, you allow yourself to start. The moment you see it in front of you - you allow yourself to dig deeper, as the top level is not floating in your mind doing nothing. 
2. The moment you get the pen to paper, you can immediately grow the idea into something real and actionable. You can't ignore it anymore, it's here and you have to do something with it!
3. The moment you get the pen to paper, you are enforcing yourself to make tough decisions. As in - what am I going to do with this idea, really? 

That leads to the next Biggy - is it worth it to keep this idea brewing? 
1. You realize rather quickly that this idea is not there for you to keep working on - just throw it away. So in stead of occupying your valuable brain space with this, you allowed yourself to make peace with letting this go. 
2. You realize it's for you, but not now (maybe something for the winter days, xmas or whatever). Don't let it hang though - plan this idea into your calendar or make a stack where you know you will have a regular look at. 
3. You realize you have to move NOW! It's just too good, you're on fire since the moment that pen hit the paper. 

Some Koai Lab'bers do this every morning or every evening, ensuring a good nights rest or a clear start of the day. Simply getting the ideas out of their brain - and store it into a place that they can trust to find it back or take action on when needed. I myself do this immediately when it hits my brain - I simply don't let it marinate any longer. When it hits I give it a home, straight then and there. Saves me admin time and allows my brain to always be free of balloons floating about stressing me out. 

Have fun with this and keep me posted on how you going, what kind of effect it has - would also love to hear and understand if you have any other methods developed helping you out at this front! Love and stay strong, you got this! xo Arinda

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