Give me one good reason?

Oh, remember - the idea was so great, and the work so satisfying with a journey to love - until it wasn't. The moment comes you start dragging your feet to work on this project. The moment you procrastinate, and do everything but working on what you should be doing. But should you actually be doing this in the first place? Ok - there are people who quit every time a pea rolls by and blocks their path. But you're not a quitter - so you keep hanging on with all you've got. 

"You're not a quitter!"

Our educational system is ancient, based on product creation and execution. There is nothing in this full framework that requests or allows you to stand still and think about why and how you do things. I'm talking creative / conceptual education and analytical / practical education. We have not been able to move the needle alongside industry growth, on how we can support students on their road to greatness with some core life lessons. And this is what's stagnating you in your growth process right now. As why stop this project, I started it - I see what the finish line should/could look like, so all I should do is pull through. But should you really? 

"For who are you in this project? "

We have been trained that quitting something is a bad thing. You're weak, you have no vision and you definitely lack leadership skills to pull a wagon places. Again, there are people who quit at the sound of a fart - so let's putt these aside. But the majority, we are the ones who pull through, who stick by, who WIN! 

But do you really win? You're walking backwards, your lunch is defined by a cookie at your desk and you haven't seen your friends in (it feels) years. Most importantly, it doesn't 'spark' joy, nor does it make you happy. But how to define if you should something you have been working on for so long? 

1. Fist of all - note down why you started this journey in the first place. Does these things still spark the same happy endorphins? Yes - you maybe have to find another way to work it (see below). No - big sign you might have changed and this is not your journey any longer. 
2. Second - you ain't loosing by saying no. There is so much strength in saying this word, you won't believe it. For starters I believe that when you close a door, another window opens. And when a project sucks your energy, it mostly sucks way more than just that project - it sucks you dry! Meaning, you have zero energy left for anything but that soul sucking project, your body and mind simply can't coop with more. So by saying no to this project, you'll be able to not only handle a new project, but maybe even pull yourself back into an exercise routine or cooking class. 
3. Third - ask yourself if you're hanging into it for you, or for someone else. Are you afraid what someone might say if you quit, or what they might think of you. WHO CARES! Cut these people out of your life, they ain't worth your energy. You need cheerleaders and supporters. It's important to have people on your journey who support you, who actually push you to keep going and make it work. But if they don't understand why you quit and support you on your journey there - maybe they ain't for you. 

"There is no return policy on time..."

Time is the most valuable thing we have in life, it's something so valuable that there is no return policy offered. So if you solely stick to keeping a project alive because you spent time on it or stay in this job because they might give you that promotion one day... Think how much you waste by keep spending time? Let this sink in for a bit... 

Time can't be the only reason to keep this going. The simple fact you have spent time on something you should see as a valuable journey, not the project itself. The journey on it's own has been amazing, it gave so many learnings, you many assets to bring you further going forward. If you start seeing your project spendings and time like this, it's way easier to let it go. See it in the way that you're out of learnings here, your journey has come to an end. Your initial project idea might still not be coming to the envisioned end - but maybe it was never meant to. 

If you decide this is not for you, it doesn't per default mean it dies. Maybe someone lives for this shit and you hand the project over. Please don't forget there can be value in it, so selling your business / idea can be a very valid and profitable option even. Maybe you can still continue but on the sideline and have someone else take the lead. But be true to yourself, sometimes it's better to just leave and let it go - even when this sounds undoable right now. There are multiple ways to Rome, so think of how you can pass the baton onwards best. And sometimes all it needs is a little tweak in the project scope, and it totally makes sense again to really keep going! 

Whatever you decide to do, do it with fierce and gumption. Don't do anything half assed! If you decide to let it go, do this well - don't drop it, round it off. If you decide to keep going, you freaking run with it! Make it MARVELOUS! 

You're a solidified rockstar, be great! 
xo Arinda

ps. If you want a little view from my side if you should keep going or what your options are to make the project breathe again - just drop me a message in the digital messenger. 

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