Work less, do more.

We are the generation of 'workers'! (speaking for myself here 35+...) The ones who are drilled by assumption. Trained to have two measures of success - financial growth and titles. So when we start(ed) a new job you focus on learning what it takes to take the next step not on the work to be done. Every day you come to work, not working to deliver, but working to move up the corporate ladder. Have you ever thought of how much time is wasted by socializing, kissing arses and being in the right (the more the better) meetings? How much time is wasted, not delivering? Even when you ain't working corporate this structure works... as how many of you are designing larger collections, more pieces, to grow your financial output as single focus? 

"When skipping lunch means true commitment"

On top of that we assumed through our day. What does that mean? Well - you assumed that starting early (as in, the first in the office) would get you closer to a promotion. And leaving late (as in, the last to leave the office) showed a good work ethic they would appreciate more than skills and deliverables. You didn't call in sick, as what would they think, say or do? What opportunity would you miss, that your peer would take to move their needle instead of you yours. A full self-inflicted toxic working environment was/is created based on assumption and false human behavior. And we were the first to keep it going - I was carrying the flag! You only call in sick when you're on the edge of death (literally breathing through a tube) and skipping lunch is a sign of pure commitment!

How about me telling you that the full hiring/hr/r&r is managed in such a way that there can't be growth to begin with and almost stimulates this behavior. The current job descriptions are not led by needs but by time. What do I mean with that... People decide before a true work need is established if they need a full time or a part time worker. They even go further in stating work should be done in 40% or 60%. Work that will be described like roles. Let's take a marketing manager - responsible for on- & offline marketing. What does that mean? What should this person really do and deliver, and by when? What would happen if we start job openings with the need for skills & deliverables, instead of time?

"You didn't deliver, you were simply present"

People start conversations with: I want to work 100% or I want to work 3 days... My question is, what are you going to do in that time - what will you be busy with? What will you deliver 1:1 to generate financial or awareness output to keep the business afloat? Unfortunately we are really bad with the WHAT part here. WHAT are we doing? I'm sure that some people now reading this, quickly reflect on their day/week and have to agree that not much was achieved. You didn't DELIVER, and how unsatisfying is that! You've simply been present.

Did you know that we humans function best in a box. Even though we all state to 'get out of that box' we feel super comfortable in a short term framework guiding us. Hence if we have a task at hand and we plan 2 hours for it or 6 hours, we will spend that time to make it work. Meaning even if we can do it in 2 hours, plan 6 hours for it - we would spend 6 hours on it. We are this weird. So with this knowledge at hand - would you still leave your work day in the open, hoping you will run through your task list. Or would you maybe plan some time in for each of them and stick to it?

I've seen people at their desks, ready with their 'work' at 11.30am, awaiting time to pass until they could leave at 5pm as they signed a full time contract. These people have no pulse, no ambition or motivation to do whatever. They even lack energy at home to socialize or educate/grow themselves further through courses or sport. What would happen to these people if they just left at 11.30? They will become more productive, deliver more, and spend their 'free' time improving themselves through courses, play and additional family / social time. They become happy workers! I hear you say - but why would they then get a 100% salary if they don't work 100%. This is where everything is all wrong! Pay shouldn't be related to time, it should be related to deliverables. If you decide that this project x has a budget of x, and someone does the work, delivers in 2 hrs or 6 hrs, your budget won't change. Your output would stay the same. If you get the right person for the job and they deliver - the value to time spent is obsolete.

"The value to time spent, is obsolete"

So, here it comes - what if we turn this model around? We start the conversation with a need, understand what skills make the difference and by when all should be delivered. We calculate how much (additional) value will be generated with these efforts and lock a budget. Let's find someone who can do just that, regardless of time.
In a 'start/scale-up' this is easier to implement for sure. But in a corporate setting this is not strange or difficult, definitely not impossible. It's a mind change of how to approach a way of working that could open your business to new talent (gen y/z) who figured out that work to live and not live to work is the way forward. It could open your business to established knowhow without breaking the bank on a normal must have fulltime contract. It could open your business to moms and dads who want to work parttime from home, share the time they have, and have so much to offer. It could open your business to re-found time, finding new business opportunities and growth potential. It could open your business to happy people, true motivated deliverers. Companies like Google etc. work in ways similar and showed massive increase in employer happiness. 

This could start from your end as a deliverer with planning you day different. Not looking at the days ahead (I work 2/3/4/5 days) but at what you need to deliver to make the largest difference. You start planning these tasks out and deliver with happiness and greatness. Start making this a habit and you will see a Mindshift happening. Maybe you can deliver way better and more efficient in less time - I'm sure of that ;). 

Give it a thought, and be great! 
xo Arinda

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