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Me in your back pocket

You are starting a creative business and simply don't know where to start or what's coming at you? Or you are elbows deep into it all and don't know how to move the needle or feel stuck?

You're for sure motivated, but don't know what knobs to turn to make the difference needed to get going. You need a sparring partner, a plan, a realistic way forward that feels good to you! You need breathing space, thinking space and room again to be creative! 

Stop making excuses and grab the bull at the horns! Let's together figure out where the pain is most hurtful and where swift changes/fixes could make the quick differences. I'm here for it! Question is - Are you ready to place all your cards on the table? 
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Why I'm the one?

I WAS, and AM you

I've done it all. For a mere 18 years I've touched every facet a creative business comes to deal with. From managing design to shopfloor, from startup to corporate. From burn-out to bankruptcy, to learning how to walk again (literally) - I've been there. Let me be your donkey that hit the same stone multiple times. 
  • I'm a serialpreneur & freelancer, so still daily touch all you're also touching
  • I've been through the highs and the lows - all you can imagine, let me be your learning curve
  • I'm creative in creating money - I love doing loads with less, sometimes you really don't need much to change the game!
  • I'm a potential machine - you will freak out how much potential we can create behind doors you didn't even know existed 
  • I love quick solutions that have direct impact with long term effect. I'm not a big fan of not seeing things move


How does it all work and what do I get?

My coaching program goes for 3 months and mostly is extended by another 3 months. In these 3 months we set the full baseline of your business, identify the pain points and solve most of them straight at it. All exercises I give and models we create are directly implementable so we don't waste any time seeing things move forward. 
You fill in the request form and send it. I review it mostly in 24hrs and get back to you accordingly. I'm very honest when at that time I see no need/fit. When the fit is there I reach out for a quick call to connect in person. You'll always hear back from me.
We connect quickly by zoom or in person (Zurich/Amsterdam) to established if we are a good fit and so I can understand the pain points best from you first hand. I can then prep a plan incl. a financial offer (starting at CHF 4.200 for 3 months) to see if this works for you. Until this point all is free of charge and you're not obliged to anything. 
start our journey
During a 3 month program we normally go about as follows:
  • Connect bi-weekly via call/in person for 1 hr
  • Free use of all templates and tools
  • Direct implementable exercises and homework
  • Me on speed dial
You're not alone!
If you are feeling stuck or need help with something, you have free access to myself and a sexy community of peers & professionals who are happy to lend a hand. You won't find that anywhere else! I believe that learning together is more effective and more fun - avoiding reinventing the wheel twice.


I'm not sure, I've a question.

Sometimes you are just lost in the woods and need a little guidance on what road is best for you. Let me know what you're struggling with and I'll guide you very fair and transparent into the direction that could work best for you. I handle all these requests personal, so no lurking eyes - all confidential.
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