A healthy supplier relationship!

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Course overview
The 100 dollar question: How do I find 'the right' supplier? I walk you through the process and give you tips and tricks how to start this valuable relationship and how to maintain it. Give you a solid start or restart in working with your suppliers for the win. Let's get started.
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What is it - a quickie? 
After a swift introduction you will dive into knowhow and smaller exercises to quickly get you places. All our Quickies are relevant and directly impacting you and/or your business. No waiting time to see results, yassss! 
The texts are longer at Koai Lab, allowing you to always go back and refuel yourself without doing an exercise. Don't forget to highlight a text when you think interesting or create a note - you can find this back in your notebook for easy reference.  

What will we dive into?

let's find the most pleasant way for you to work with supply - as it can be a b*tch! 
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