Template - Know you have the best price for your product!

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template overview
A visual approach to costing and pricing. Let this tool help you to (pre-)cost your products & price them accordingly. Get into a better profitable state even before hitting the production button! Learn how much room you have to play sexy without loosing money. 
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tools needed / recommended
* Excel
* PDF maker (adobe acrobat)
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What is it - a template? 
Never question again if you are missing anything or about to forget something. These templates will help you to create structure and consistency in your daily business. The Quick Start helps you on the initial way and gives additional information, tips & tricks about the process at hand (you'll maybe not need it now, but thank me later ;). Then you can download an empty and filled version (example) of the template(s). The manual will be there step by step guiding you through. The texts are longer at Koai Lab, allowing you to always go back and refuel yourself. Don't forget to highlight a text when you think interesting or create a note - you can find this back in your notebook for easy reference. 
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