The process with Koai Lab enabled my business to consistently professionalize step by step. All topics I touch are reviewed, optimized in detail, and enhanced by multiple kits that I now use daily to track and run my business. After this process I felt more than ready to get going! Koai Lab helped me to professionalize and functioned as a true creative catalyst with financial backbone.
yael anders - designer & creative (CH)

Quickies & Lab Kits

Quick workshops and DiY's with videos, exercises, and templates to deepdive and own it!
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Our quickies and Lab Kits - rooted solid in the 7 years of Koai Lab existence. A quick way to turn your business around. To get yourself in the best place to perform and deliver. To get a swift grip on where you will make the largest difference, and where focus should be to outright own it.

Downloaded and exercised already numerous times helping starting & growing brands to bring clarity in their business. From getting a feel for your numbers and where to play best with our budget kit. To improving your supplier communication and output with our Tech packs. Just one step away from making the difference - today. 

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