koai lab with arinda 

Ready for a new best friend?

Over the years I've grown many companies, products and brands with my 'sleeves up, getting shit done' attitude. I'm still a serial owner and I'm in the thick of it every day. In short - I get you! 

I'm Dutch - living in Switzerland, not beating around the bush and not into doing things that don't make sense. I believe in potential, as long as you are willing to do the legwork. I give you everything of myself and I expect the same in return. All cards on the table, butt naked and ready to change if necessary. 

I will absorb your business quickly and grow with it, so whatever comes next - you have a best friend for life!
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" ... and then all finally started making sense.
During the very first skill review, I realized that I wanted to do more than ‘only’ push new collections onto the market. I retired my initial label, created a new one (+ loads more) and next to it being more fun, it became more profitable. "

Martina Feer

Founder the Stitch (CH)

I've done the legwork

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For a mere 18 years I've been riding the fashion/creative industry from building and managing people, product, brand and processes. I went through a burn-out, mass lay-off, back surgery and learning how to walk again to a bankruptcy. I ran through corporate and crawled through start-up, absorbing every learning I could possibly make. I experienced process where you can't piss without permission and a non-existence of any kind. I-DID-IT-ALL! 

I went through massive ups and downs, blaming the world, the industry, the system, everybody - but learned quickly that all lays with myself. I was the one that had to ride the horse, set the direction and decide on the speed. It was time to own me, own my business and stop complaining.
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Whatever business I went into - corporate, scale or startup - the same two things didn't correlate. The vision and the numbers didn't go hand in hand, one always ran after the other. As a result, people were constantly running in different directions. Nobody knew where they were going, nobody owned anything!

The revelation came when I started working with each and every team, person and client to put pen to paper. The moment you stop talking about it and start writing it down - it becomes a reality and then you can take action - you create ownership. Before that, it's just a useless balloon floating around. And the balloons of a creative are very different from the balloons of a brain. 

So I started to develop tools that could bring these two worlds together, guide people to own their numbers and set a common direction. Et voila, the foundation for the Koai Lab templates and coaching programmes was laid. Koai Lab is growing a rewarding business - creating clarity, growing roots and finding paths where others haven't looked.

I live for this shit!

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I love showing you how to run your business instead of it running you! The moment confidence takes centre stage, when clarity is in the room - BAMMMM - my heart leaps a little. 

I live to see you grow, I live for businesses that make sense, that people need and where the product output creates happy customers. I live for creating potential where others don't see it. I live to rekindle the flame that was there, but diminished by stress and uncertainty. 

Let me be the fuel to keep your wagon moving until you are self-sufficient. My ways of thinking and templates will help you to overcome future problems, conflicts and insecurities. Reach out now and let me put some gas in your tank to start owning it!
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