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You don't want to spend any energy on accounting?

Everyone I work with gets the surprise of their life when I start with the two questions from hell. 1. What do you get up for in the morning? and 2. Can you show me your numbers? It seems that these two questions don't play well together in your brain. You want to wake up to be creative, to be innovative, play with your kids - you'd rather stay in bed if it's a day of accounting. 

The numbers part is the part we're most afraid of because it's black and white. It's the part where we learn how we're 'really' doing. So why not put it down on paper, rip the bandage off and maybe it will tell us that we're actually in pretty good shape! Why not create clarity for yourself and actually answer some of the questions you have been carrying around with you for so long? 

Most of my clients have been with me for over 7 years, growing their business - and the numbers we touched base on in the beginning are still very relevant. As you grow, the values don't change - the scale does. So let's set you up for the long run and make sure you get out of bed to tackle your numbers.

If you're not sure what might work for you, leave me a message below and I'll get back to you with a recommendation (usually within 24 hours).
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"Arinda was my very first business coach, it took me a long time to take this step, and I never regretted it, not for one second. She helped me connect the dots and the missing links. She was very eager to understand what exact issues I was facing with my company. She motivated me and pushed me to look at things from a different and most of all from a positive perspective. Arinda is a very flexible and patient coach and I felt I was being listened to and heard. For me, she is the best all-around coach with loads of (fashion) experience, and would recommend her to all entrepreneurs out there."

Barbara Gouka

Founder House of Jamie (NL)


Never feel insecure about your numbers, ever.

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You feel alone and anxious? 

You feel alone and struggle with all decisions you have to make, people you maybe manage or uncertain about what step to make next. A 1:1 coaching with me is like having a partner in crime on speed dial. In many of the brands that I coach(ed), I was or am still involved in the shadows.

From e.g. :
  • building brand & product,
  • creating structure & increase potential,
  • solve supplier/customer conflict,
  • define sales/growth strategies where you feel comfortable with,
  • to support in people management (and more)
I'm the sparring partner you need but don't want to hire.
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Where YOU, compliment your numbers.

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Work less, do more.

" I'm sure that some people now reading this, quickly reflect on their day/week and have to agree that not much was achieved. You didn't DELIVER, and how unsatisfying is that! You've simply been present... " - READ MORE
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I'm not sure, I've a question.

Sometimes you are just lost in the woods and need a little guidance on what road is best for you. Let me know what you're struggling with and I'll guide you very fair and transparent into the direction that could work best for you. I handle all these requests personal, so no lurking eyes - all confidential.
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