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Numbers give you an anxiety attack?

OK - let's take the bull by the horns! No time wasted - we will dive into your numbers together. Take my hand and I'll guide you through your financial design data with a quick start and relatable examples. 

If you still find it all a bit daunting, I suggest you start with the template that is closest to you - the Design & Development Tech Pack. It's the template that guides you through your design and development processes every day, and it won't disappoint. It will not only help you design to cost and make profitable wear - it will also improve your communication with suppliers and reduce errors in the process. 

Each template is packed with additional tips and tricks to improve not only your numbers, but also your processes and efficiency. Nothing stands alone, everything interacts - so let's look at the big picture for the future.
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“Arinda is a person that is dedicated to deliver solutions. She is very hands-on, and has a good gut feeling, of where small things need to be changed, in order to trigger the big solutions. Arinda incorporates herself in the role of the business leader and thinks through all the steps as if it was her own business. I would definitely highly recommend her.”

Katharina Staub

Founder & CEO (CH) at Ina Kess


Be efficient and confident with these templates

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“Dank der Arbeit mit Arinda konnte ich mich intensiv mit meinem Brand auseinandersetzen und klar definieren, in welche Richtung ich meine Marke lenken will. Ich war in dieser kurzen Zeit in der Lage, kurz- sowie langfristige Ziele zu setzen und die gelieferten Templates, verschafften mir einen guten Überblick über meine Preiskalkulationen. Ich fühle mich nach diesem Coaching viel selbstbewusster und gewappnet für die Zukunft.”
vanto (CH) - veronica a.
“In just one hour and a half, Arinda fully got our business. She helped us go past our pain points and brought additional topics which are very relevant to our success. We came out of every discussion highly motivated and re-focused, knowing exactly what we had to do. We can only recommend a coaching with Arinda, should you feel stuck with ANY questions.”
kaio swim (ch) - Chollada & Joanna
"Die Zusammenarbeit und Betreuung mit Koai Lab war sehr einfach und angenehm. Sehr ehrlich und nicht zwanghaft. Arinda empfinde ich als sehr professionell und geht auf die individuellen Wünsche sehr gut ein. Mit ihren Erfahrungen und Templates hat sie mir für meinen Start sehr viel geholfen. Ich würde sie sofort weiterempfehlen."
OUR. (CH) - Chris M.


How does it all work and what do I get?

Doing business is overwhelming as it is - so let's not complicate things. With every template you can decide to or dive in yourself or let me hold your hand step by step. 
1. you read the quick start
When you have subscribed to the template you have access to this straight up and can start! I recommend to (even if you feel confident to dive straight in) read the quick start. There are many tips and tricks included that are relevant but not directly visible by simply working the template.
2. you download the templates
Then you go to the next step with the templates and manuals. In the upper right corner you find a little paperclip - click this and download the templates. You always find an empty version to work with and a filled version as example as a hand hold. 
3. You follow the step by step manual
I guide you step by step through the template and help you to fill it in. This also helps you to refer back to when you are stuck a few months in - see it as your process bible ;). Also here I give many tips and tricks that are related to the process itself, not necessarily the template - as all is interlinked. 
4. You're not alone!
If you are feeling stuck or need help with something, you have free access to myself and a sexy community of peers & professionals who are happy to lend a hand. You won't find that anywhere else! I believe that learning together is more effective and more fun - avoiding reinventing the wheel twice.


I'm not sure, I've a question.

Sometimes you are just lost in the woods and need a little guidance on what road is best for you. Let me know what you're struggling with and I'll guide you very fair and transparent into the direction that could work best for you. I handle all these requests personal, so no lurking eyes - all confidential.
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