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So grateful every day for working with such talented and inspiring people. You make me, me! Enabling me to be the best version to help you. Funny how this works no :). Read below about some experiences people made with myself and Koai Lab. Let them guide you. 

xo Arinda
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"When I met Arinda briefly a couple of years ago, I knew immediately she was the one to work with on my business. She fully grasped my label immediately and helped me to find new structures, showed me new perspectives, and opened up my eyes to a new way of economical thinking.
We turned my business upside down but in a mindful and purposeful way, which brought it new light, energy and identity. She did all of this with a lot of heart, soul and humour. Her way of communicating is loving, honest and never loses the interpersonal connection.I feel very lucky to have had the chance to work with her."
Anna Nia (CH) - Anna N.
"The process with Koai Lab enabled my business to consistently professionalize step by step. All topics I touch are reviewed, optimized in detail, and enhanced by multiple templates that I now use daily to track and run my business. After this process I felt more than ready to get going! Koai Lab helped me to professionalize and functioned as a true creative catalyst with financial backbone."
yael anders (CH) - yael a.
"Arinda is a person that is dedicated to deliver solutions. She is very hands-on, and has a good gut feeling, of where small things need to be changed, in order to trigger the big solutions. Arinda incorporates herself in the role of the business leader and thinks through all the steps as if it was her own business. I would definitely highly recommend her."
ina kess (ch) - Katharina s.
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"Die Zusammenarbeit und Betreuung mit Koai Lab war sehr einfach und angenehm. Sehr ehrlich und nicht zwanghaft. Arinda empfinde ich als sehr professionell und geht auf die individuellen Wünsche sehr gut ein. Mit ihren Erfahrungen und Tools hat sie mir für meinen Start sehr viel geholfen. Ich würde sie sofort weiterempfehlen."
Our (CH) - Chris M.
"Arinda was my very first business coach, it took me a long time to take this step, and I never regretted it, not for one second. She helped me connect the dots and the missing links. She was very eager to understand what exact issues I was facing with my company. She motivated me and pushed me to look at things from a different and most of all from a positive perspective. Arinda is a very flexible and patient coach and I felt I was being listened to and heard. For me, she is the best all-around coach with loads of (fashion) experience, and would recommend her to all entrepreneurs out there."
house of jamie (NL) - Barbara G.
"Dank der Arbeit mit Arinda konnte ich mich intensiv mit meinem Brand auseinandersetzen und klar definieren, in welche Richtung ich meine Marke lenken will. Ich war in dieser kurzen Zeit in der Lage, kurz- sowie langfristige Ziele zu setzen und die gelieferten Tools, verschafften mir einen guten Überblick über meine Preiskalkulationen.
Arindas analytisches Denken und ihre direkte Kommunikation haben mich sehr beeindruckt und mich motiviert, an meiner Strategie zu arbeiten. Ich fühle mich nach diesem Coaching viel selbstbewusster und gewappnet für die Zukunft."
VANTO (CH) - Veronica A.
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"Arinda’s depth of expertise on the inner operations of manufacturing helped me prioritize my needs and evaluate my shortcomings effectively and realistically. Her guidance and tools go much further the general and too surface resources that I’ve found in the past. Beyond that, her calm and understanding nature makes her easy to work with– a discussion with Arinda helps ease the stress of a startup business."
mirth (usa) - katie m.
"In just one hour and a half, Arinda fully got our business. She helped us go past our pain point and brought additional topics which are very relevant to our success. We came out of the discussion highly motivated and re-focused, knowing exactly what we had to do. We can only recommend a “quicky” with Arinda should you feel stuck with ANY questions."
kaio swim (ch) - JOANNA & CHOLLADA.
"Arinda took the time to delve into the concept and helped us with many useful tips to set up the right milestones and strategies. Arinda is a professional and we could benefit a lot from her Knowledge. Thank you!"
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"I just had such a good talk with Arinda from Koai Lab and it was just what I most needed today. Thank you so much!"
play at slaep (nl) - marsha de r.
"She is a great sparring partner, she says honestly what she thinks about something and has a lot of knowledge."
studio she moves - sophie de b.
“I’m not always doing the full exercises but already feel more zen reading the supporting texts 🙏”
freelance designer (uk) - marie g.
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"During the very first skill review, I realized that I wanted to do more than ‘only’ push new collections onto the market. I retired my initial label, created a new one (+ loads more) and next to it being more fun, it became more profitable. "
the stitch (CH) - martina f.
"It’s very rewarding reflecting our ideas with Koai’s experiences.
Koai did not only yet develop great tools, customized to our needs;
Koai provides a perfect scope for having our brand shaped and focused for the next big steps. We love working with Koai!"
"Arinda, your 'magical ass kicking process' has changed a lot of things in my life for the better. 'You walk the talk', that makes the difference and makes you a role model, a woman who motivates, inspires and is absolutely admirable!"
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