We've tried to answer all your (well most of them) questions here.
If you have any specific question, use the form below and we get back to you shortly.
xo Arinda

What language is the Platform in? 

Currently the platform is in English, but you're free to do your exercises in any language that suits you. Said that, if there is a review by myself in the exercises and you want some relevant feedback ; ) please complete in English, German or Dutch. 

Do you offer 1:1 coaching? 

Yes, I do - contact me here, send a message in the Platform or send a mail, and I'll get back to your following. When I'm around (Zurich / Amsterdam) we can meet in person, but otherwise I love meeting online via Zoom or Google Meet. 

Do you offer focused workshops / programs?

In the near future we will offer Lab Sessions - these are focused programs on a specific topic (e.g. strategy, sales, development), with limited participants covering a timespan of apx 6 to 8 weeks. These will me mostly driven online, but we are looking into offline possibilities as well. Let me know here if you interested and in what topic - would love to see you there. 

What does it cost?

Our monthly subscription costs 32 CHF a month. When you get instant access for a year you get a mere 10% discount and it costs you 342 CHF i/o 384 CHF

If you want your full team or even class to have access, quickly reach out to myself here and we make this happen for a 'special team' price. 

Can I try it first? 

Yes of course you can : ). Just sign up for the monthly or yearly subscription (no worries, you don't have to store your credit card yet), and you can trial for 5 days. During the trial you have the possibility to subscribe via locking your payment details in your account, and still decide if you want a monthly or yearly subscription. 

Can I cancel my subscription? 

Yes you can and you'll have access to all until your official subscription end is there. Afterwards though, you will loose all access to all this work you've done, collected and the contacts you've built. 

Can I also join as a student? 

Smart move ; ) - please let me know here if you are interested and if you want to sign up just you or also your class. If the latter, please let me know what school you're attending as with some schools we have certain agreements.

Can I join as a team rather as a person? 

Yes, super fun! Please let me know here, and we make you a special offer and explain how to manage this best. So great having the knowledge sit within the team not with one person. 
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