Masterclass - 28 October - ZH

Have you recently asked yourself, why you are selling but not earning? Do you question your price points or profit margins? Have you started your business and are now at a place where you need to answer some core questions regarding your finances?

Together with Maison Shift I organize this Masterclass to build financial confidence in your creative business. I help you disentangle your money matters and bring financial clarity & efficiency in your brand & product management. 

Are you a Designer, Maker, Brand Owner or overall Creative, at the beginning of your career (apx 2-5 yrs into founding of your business, or if you feel above description fits you). Then sign up today for this Masterclass - looking forward seeing you there! 
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"The process with Koai Lab enabled my business to consistently professionalize step by step. All topics I touch are reviewed, optimized in detail, and enhanced by multiple templates that I now use daily to track and run my business. After this process I felt more than ready to get going! Koai Lab helped me to professionalize and functioned as a true creative catalyst with financial backbone."

Yael Anders

Designer & Creator (CH) at Yael Anders


All you need to run your brand, 3 templates.

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Are your prices the right ones?

Different from what they taught you at school - What if I tell you that most of the questions you have about costs and retail prices can be answered before you've even touched a sewing machine? Wouldn't it be great to have a sense of what you're spending and what you could potentially make before you press that big red button? 

* Is my RRP (recommended retail price) enough to pay the bills? 
* Have I covered all the costs in my product, nothing hidden that might surprise me? 
* Should I include my time in the cost price? 
* If I include a flyer in the box, should this be part of my cost price?

Follow the example in the 'How to cost & price your product' template and just get started. I will take you step by step through what to include, what to exclude and give you guidance on what is a 'good' price.
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I'm Arinda, your partner in crime

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I'm Arinda, your partner in crime when it comes to seeking potential, growth and peace of mind in your creative business. Being eyebrow deep in fashion from corporate to start-up for more than 18 years, I help you to turn that expensive hobby into a profitable, fun business. Let me show you what all these numbers mean in a fun and visual way!

Supporting over 50+ creative brand owners every day, growing and owning your business (ideas), yourself and your team(s). Together creating and restructuring your lives work. A business that makes you get up in the morning knowing where you go and own it with passion. I seriously live for this shit! People know me as the energetic talkative, but to the point creative coach, consultant and speaker. I'm the mirror when you don't want it, but need it most. 
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"We turned my business upside down but in a mindful and purposeful way, which brought it new light, energy and identity."
Anna Nia (CH) - Anna N.
"She is a great sparring partner, she says honestly what she thinks about something and has a lot of knowledge."
studio she moves (NL) - Sophie de b.
"Koai provides a perfect scope for having our brand shaped and focused for the next big steps. We love working with Koai!"
park bags (CH) - mathias H.
koai lab - BUDGETING

You don't understand budgeting?

Did they tell you that you are not good with numbers? That your brain is a creative one and you'll never be a strong business person? F*ck them! 

It's scientifically not proven that a normal healthy creative brain, can't understand numbers or complex financial structures. It is proven that creatives simply aren't interested. The moment you start getting interested and it becomes fun, you can and will accelerate. 

So let me get you interested - start today with your budget, and create clarity. It will give you confidence and peace of mind. The moment you see the green bars appear throughout the year - you'll be the proudest creative geek out there. 
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